Friday, 1 June 2012


This will sound like its made up, or Eleanor does it just to be funny. But it really isn't. The thing is, she does this when she's ALONE, and a member of my family will happen to stumble upon it.
Harriet (my older sister) causally walked into the kitchen to find Eleanor arranging a tea towel on top of the toaster, with an sugar pot on top, and a knife next to it. Although Harriet should know the folly of asking Eleanor to explain herself by now, she asked anyway.
Apparently, if little people lived in the toaster, they would need protecting. And since Eleanor has a habit of getting caught up in her own fantasies, of course she would have to do something about defending these imaginary toaster people. Obviously then, covering up the toaster with a sturdy sugar pot/ tea towel combination is the best way to do this. The little toaster dwelling people however might get free, so obviously a knife would be essential as extra protection.
In some strange way, you can see how it must all make some kind of logical sense in that delusional little brain of hers.

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