Sunday, 15 January 2012


I think this is my favourite weird thing Ellie has ever done.
One day my mum bought a bag of rice to eat with curry she was making. Ellie found this bag of rice and began carrying it around with her. She named it 'Ryan Rice-bag', and adopted it as her 'child'. Several hours later, my mum asked Ellie for the rice so she could cook it, however Ellie became so hysterical at the idea of her 'child' being cooked, that she walked to the shops and bought some more rice so Ryan would be spared. This was about 1 year ago, but Ellie still plays with Ryan, and in the summer will put him in a wheelbarrow and walk him around the garden and sing to him.

A word of advice, don't try to sit her down and explain that IT'S A BAG OF RICE, because she will shout at you and threaten that she will cut you off from seeing him.

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  1. Secretly unsew the top, replace the rice with sand, and sew the top back up